Why our clients partner with us

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Conclusion In conclusion, we believe understanding your business helps us provide better solutions. Building on successes we have together and giving our clients the head space to really focus on their business.

Putting our customers first

We provide a client care manager who will take time getting to know your company, for example, looking at your sales forecasts, risk assessing your high priority customers, and of course reviewing your Logistical needs.

Whether it’s a pick up at your convenience to deliver to a client, or a collection of parcels to inject into a national carrier – no more wasting time and incurring costs, we can build trusted solutions to meet your needs.

Our premium service is centered around making your business run more efficiently. In other words, we take the hassle out of logistics.

This is why we are incredible:

Personal Account Manager
We get to know our customers using our dedicated account management team.

Free Logistics Consultancy
With over 40 years experience in the Logistics sector we have a wealth of expertise that we are happy to use with out clients.


We have intvested heavily in technology for our customers to have the most hassle free solution. We save them time and provide transparency. 

Access to 45,000 Professional Drivers nationwide

We have a vast network of professional courier companies, Freight suppliers and international shipping options puts convenience at the fingertips of our customers. 

Trusted family owned business 
Our values under pin every process and approach to business. We have to power to make fast decisions to benefit our customers wihtout the long red tape from other providers.


You no longer have to apologise for poor services that are outside of your control.


We understand that your brand reputation is important and any disruptions in your logistics services reflect on you. We do not believe you should pay the price for poor courier services. That’s why we focus on providing quality, reliable, and consistent services.

We will help your business shine by ensuring your quality standards to the point of delivery. Our couriers are highly trained professionals who use sophisticated technology to ensure that your deliveries are tracked, arrive on time and in good condition.

Rapid Fire Logistics measure service quality at 99.9%, everything we do is about achieving this standard.

We put you at the centre of our business by taking the time to understand your business needs.

A stress-free, one-stop, multi-channel logistic solution, enabling you to focus on your core business. With our ‘automated product tracking system’, we can provide you with valuable sales data and insights.

We value every client and by working closely with you, we provide a bespoke service to meet all your business logistical needs.

Craig Eddy MD

Our capility to track your products, means we can measure the speed in which your stocks are depleting. We can even arrange automatic deliveries before the stock runs out, allowing you to provide a seamless service to your customers. As supply chain experts, the possibilities for efficiency are endless, for example, by creating an integrated end to end solution we can have a fully automated resposne system so your no one in the supply chain is caught by surprise.

We can help you to grow your profit margins by streamlining all your logistic needs. With our synergised logistic channels we make sure that you don’t have delays anywhere within the process.By using our multi-point, ”Rapid Fire Logistics” company, we can help you drive down your costs.

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Why our clients partner with us

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