Supply Chain Disruption COVID-19 – Same-Day courier service is a great way to reduce contamination.


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Is COVID-19 causing you to have concerns over driver availability or Supply chain disruption? Do you only have one or two partners who you rely on for courier services? We are here to provide a hassle free option to wider your Same-Day Courier network and Freight solutions.

Same-Day Courier
Same-Day Courier

Using multiple companies is a great way to reduce your single point failure. At Rapid Fire Logistics (see terms) we use over 45,000 independent couriers. Meaning we have reduced the risk of fleets being unavailable significantly due to supply chain issues, such as COVID-19.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

It’s important to understand your whole end to end supply chain risk. It may not always seem connected, but it’s often a supplier within the chain that stops the lot. We recommend a quick risk analyse upstream and downstream.

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Watch out for Gov / NHS advice

Keep up with Government advice

We are seeing major containment policy in some countries, its likely to continue until there is a vaccine. Now is the time to diversity your supply chain connections, think global risk, which lanes / countries are likely to have changes in export /import restrictions. The government will continue to keep business updated here

Find out the latest stats worldwide here

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