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Poor Customer Services

Does this sound familiar?

"Every time something is late or lost - I worry about the damage to my brand reputation and losing clients. Blaming the couriers doesn’t wash! "

Or this?

"It feels like I have to flex and adapt my business around the couriers. I wish it could be the
other way around. They have NO interest in understanding my needs or my business. Maybe
it's because I am too small and don’t matter as much as the big companies "

Surely not this?

"It's frustrating that I cannot always rely on the courier companies - sometimes they deliver late, products are damaged, or they are lost. "

Solving Customer Services issues

Sameday Courier Services

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Urgent Delivery Solutions

Rapid Fire Logistics understands that the Sameday Courier Service, is regarded as the 5th emergency service in the eyes of our customers. That's why we will always give you the urgency you need, regardless of day, time or Location, we will be there supporting you throughout your journey.

Client Portal

Our technology

Our technology allows our customers to manage everything from a single point, booking, tracking and invoice management, which simplifies the process and reduces a significant amount of time.

Secondly, customers can get many logins as they need, only one account and invoice, even allow your customers to book a deliver slot.

Why our customers choose us



We have over 45,000 Couriers at our disposal, so we always have the ability to react when you need it most.



Our customers save time due to our partnership approach, expertise and technology. 



We take the time to get to know our customers businesses, so our solutions are tailored to their needs.

Our Sameday Courier Features

Our Sameday Secure service is tailored to sensitive data and deliveries, where security is the number one priority. If you need an addressee-only signature plus real-time tracking, simply select this option when you book. Although, in light of recent events and COVID-19, we also offer a completely contactless secure option.

A-B Delivery

Form pick up to Delivery, no stops just dedicated service.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Vehicle Range

From Small Van to Luton, you choose. Need something bigger? Try our Freight Services.


Goods in Transit Insurance verified for all deliveries


We use GPS tracking to keep your goods en-route.

ePod & Audit

Use our Tracking page to find your item and recipient signature.

Electric Vehcile Solutions

For contracted customers we can provide an EV solution. Contact us for moe details.


Anywhere in the UK & we can pick up within 30 minutes*. We also deliver in to the EU.

Wait & Return

Need to get a signed document? no problem we offer wait and  return solutions.

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