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Why choose us for your UK PPE suppliers?

In an environment with so many options for suppliers of PPE in the UK, we pride ourselves in sourcing and creating trusted partnerships. This gives you, the customer, not only the best price, but also the comfort in knowing you are working with proven partners, who have your best interest, customer service
and product quality at heart.


All of our PPE products are fully certified and suitable for use in clinical environments, the food industry, private businesses and individuals.

Supply Chain

The added string to our bow is the ability to offer a logistics solution for supplies through the logistics branch of our business, helping not only the end user but also the supplier with a seamless transaction from manufacturer to doorstep.


We have meticulously sourced and researched all of our partnerships, 
so we know that we can provide the best product quality, efficiency and reliability in our supply chain.


Our values of trust and transparency enable us to develop long term relationships. We run an honest and reliable business providing the essentials for a healthier, safer workplace, giving you peace of mind. 

Ready to shop

See our online store here

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The world is changing contantly and we update our product portfolio in line with the latest info. We keep our customers updated on pricing, new additions and features. 

The Seconded European Standardization Expert for China (SESEC) project was launched in May 2006. Its general objective has been to raise awareness on the European Standardization System, values and assets in China. 

If you would like research what certain EN numbers mean and the comparable Chinese equivalent then you can visit the SESEC link below.