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As with many businesses Rapid Fire Logistics has adapted to COVID-19. Whilst we still provide a fully managed logistics service, additionally we are now providing PPE and hygiene products.

Our business has grown rapidly over the past few months, in part due to our honest and transparent approach, alongside our customer service. At a time when we’ve formed new relationships to enable the supply of vital PPE and hygiene products, we’ve continued to work with our values and provide the best service possible to enable our clients to safely get back to work.


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Dust Masks

How to Avoid Dud Masks

In the rush to combat Covid-19, large volumes of KN95 masks entered the UK, only for the Health and Safety Executive to warn in mid June that this type of mask was non-PPE*, rendering much of that supply surge useless.  Regulated by the Chinese government, KN95 masks are very similar to N95 masks. In the … Read more

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PPE and Supply Chain Risks

As Governments around the world apply methods to influence China, due to their recent law changes in Hong Kong, should supply chain operators be worried?

China to UK shipping

China to UK shipping

Have you ever tried to book a container of goods from China? Have you ever been frustrated trying to monitor your container? We have the perfect solution here

Rapid Fire Logistics

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Our expertise in supply chain management has helped us support a range of companies throughout COVID-19 and we continue to bring more products and solutions to our offering. We ensure that our customers can rest assured that they are fully equipped with an affordable and reliable supply of PPE and hygiene products for the current challenges.