How to Book a Job?

You can use our simple online quote for Sameday, sign up for an free account, or email us, or simply call us on 03330 150 330, we would love to speak to you.

How do I sign up for an account?

Click Here and enter your details, or you can call us on 03330 150 330

How do I reset my password?

Click here and put in your username in the Subject bar with Forgot Password.

How do courier services work?

This is a common question, so we have created a blog including 2 minute video – Click here.

How are courier services are used?

Courier services provide a secure delivery, usually from one point to another with minimal handling. This is different to Parcel Carriers who use large hubs to consolidate parcels and redistribute them across a hub and spoke network.

How does courier tracking work?

Our customers can always keep track of their shipments via the tracking page here. In general, GPS tracking in the driver device is tracked to see where the item is. There are other forms of tracking, RFID, Event notification such as Barcode Scanning (Collection, Delivery etc…). Customers can choose to receive notification vis SMS or email from their Client Portal.

How do I save my regular collection and/or delivery address in my online account?

Your account automatically saves your home address and the quick lookup function will show previously typed addresses when you start typing. You can also change your home address and/or preferred delivery address, if you have any trouble just let us know as we would be glad to help.

How do I know my package will be safe?

We carefully select our partners only after they have gone through out vetting procedures, therefore, we only use approved companies to move your goods. We also use GPS tracking throughout the journey so we are able to identify any issues in real time. If you have a high value item we can discuss enhanced security options.

How can I pay for a Courier if I don’t have an account?

We can take payments online through our quick quote system with payment at checkout, or you can call us on 03330 150 330.

Are my goods insured?

We only use couriers who have verified ”Goods in Transit” insurance therefore goods are insured. For high value goods you should contact us to discuss enhance options.

Is there a size limit to my consignment?

Within reason there is no limitation, please see our dimension guide here or you call us and we can select the right vehicle for your needs.

What is meant by Courier Service?

“A Courier company is one which delivers messages, packages and mail and is known for their speed, security, tracking service and specialisation.” A courier service was developed to offer a faster and more secure alternative to the usual mail service that had been the only delivery service for so long. (source)

How much does a courier service cost?

Couriers usually have a minimum start price plus pence per mile travelled with goods on board.
This is example: A-B delivery – Small Van £15 minimum plus 90p per mile.
Not representative of actual pence per mile
Journey from Bristol to London would cost approximately £121.2 total plus VAT. This is Gross costs with expensives to be deducted for all the running costs, technology and business costs.

How do I courier an item?

You can use our Quick Quote System or sign up to a free account here. If you want to use a parcel Carrier you will need to measure your items within the demenisons available for pricing, click here for a quick guide.

How do I get a courier to pick up a parcel?

If you are a free account holder, then all you need to do is book online – simple & hassle free.

In general, you need to follow these steps:

1. Get a quote from a parcel carrier
2. Register during the check out
3. confirm payment
4. place your order before the final cut off time (varies by parcel carrier and location)
5. Print off label
6. Courier will collect at the given time

Note. Some carriers require minimum volumes and/or spend to make a collection, therefore speak to us about setting up a collection in your area.

Do you perform collections and drop off to a national carrier?

Yes – we have a range of services including cost effective collections (First Mile) for your company, call now for a free quote on 03330 150 3330 or schedule a meeting here.

Our Services – Courier, Freight & Parcels

We offer a range of services to take the hassle out of professional Courier and Freight requirements. Our customers benefit from a one stop shop with the client portal, booking Courier, Freight or Parcels from a single point. Only a single invoice, a single supplier of logistics and all our know-how at your fingertips. Call now on 03330 150 330 or contact us here.

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