COVID-19 Checklist


We understand the COVID-19 virus is very serious and is impacting, family, friends and businesses all over the world.

Our purpose in business is to help businesses with whatever support we can. Our specialist skills are in logistics, whether it’s Courier or Freight Parcels, we have over 40 years of experience in operations management. We also invested in some great technology to make it simple and hassle free for our customers, using our client portal.

As a result, we have put together a checklist to help you act now and continue to provide your services or adjust your business model so that you can continue to trade.


These helpful tips are not an exhaustive list but should give some simple pointers to those caught up in the disruption.

  • In-flight delivery options to give customers control of delivery, make sure you switch this on ASAP.
  • It’s now common practice to have a safe place option, change your policies and processes if you haven’t implemented this simple safeguard.
  • In many carriers booking systems special instructions can be written, use this whenever possible i.e. post through letter box – let your customers have this option.
  • For larger parcels you can use the same process, i.e. leave by door or in garden.
  • Furthermore, you can ask them to leave signs / notices outside for the drivers.
  • Most Carriers now have customer apps, these are great for updating personal preferences. Encourage your customers to download these whenever possible, updating the carriers helps provide the best possible outcome.
  • Do you have a single point of failure in your supply chain? Risk assess ”what happens if your carrier cannot collect? What’s your contingency plan?
  • You can request that your current provider adheres to your hygiene practises when they visit onsite to protect your team
  • Check your carriers safe systems of works regarding drivers and the use of hand gels/sanitisers prior to delivery
  • Ensure that couriers have been briefed to leave a parcel without a signature, if agreed with the customer
  • Offer a nominated day or time slot option (eg AM) to increase greater chance of first- time delivery success
  • Offer upgrades to Sameday or dedicated services – A-B service reducing the risk of contamination

Our services

At Rapid Fire Logistics, we take the hassle out of delivery services freeing up valuable time and resources for our customers. If you are spending too much time dealing with logistics you can always join our free account service.

We would love to take care of all detail for you, so you can focus on managing your business!

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