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In everything we do we believe in making our customers lives easier.

We pride ourselves on creating unbreakable trust in our services.

We achieve our mission by providing brilliantly designed, seamlessly connected technology that is simple to use.

We just happen to provide great logistics services

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About us

We are new and have a totally contemporary way of doing business, after all the world has changed a lot in the past few months, and whilst our competitors are playing catch up, we have been ahead of the curve.  

We’re in the unique position, having opened the business in the first quarter of 2020, to have systems in place to work remotely and deliver a seamless experience for our customers. We don’t have burdensome legacy systems - we are agile - we have a super-efficient team - we are negotiating new contracts and not tied to existing terms of relationships.

Why we exist

The business was initially started to create a logistics business with good customer service, to fill in the gaps missed by big companies who weren't able to give the personal attention and service to customers.   

With the business being opened at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, it soon became very clear that some businesses were taking advantage and selling PPE at vastly inflated prices to front line workers and people in fear.  This didn’t sit well with us and an opportunity arose to buy PPE and sell at a low rate, giving us just enough profit to live and run the business, but at the same time enabling us to pass on savings to those working through the pandemic. 

With this approach we’ve been able to create relationships with both suppliers and buyers, who appreciate our work ethic and what our business stands for. 


We¬†often use the word¬†‚Äútransparent‚ÄĚ to describe ourselves,¬†which we are, but what we actually mean is ‚Äúhonest‚ÄĚ.¬† It‚Äôs important to us to have an open and honest business and as such we¬†ensure¬†our suppliers and clients¬†understand how we work and have the same¬†principles.¬†¬†¬†

Additionally, our business is two-fold ‚Äď we have the buying and selling side of the business but additionally we have the logistics side of the business, this is a¬†USP¬†in our line¬†of work as we can help our customers through the whole supply chain process from purchasing to delivery.¬†

Our People

Craig Eddy Managing Director

Craig Eddy Director (Co-Owner)

After 21 years working for large companies, such as Royal Mail Group & CitySprint Ltd, I saw a need to create a company that I could put the customer first. A hassle-free service, that removes the challenges customers have come to accept with other logistic services.


Nikki Little - Director (Co-Owner)

Over a 22 year career Nikki has established a reputation for delivering results and innovating to the benefit of companies in many sectors. Her friendly sense of humor is complimented by her professionalism and attention to detail, which, very quickly builds trust with our customers and suppliers in a short space of time. 

Clare Harris

Clare Harris - Strategic Business Consultant.

With over 18  years of experience running my own company as well as working in Global and FTSE 100 companies, my role is to ensure the core values of trust, honesty and impeccable service are reflected in every element of the business. It’s a joy to work with a company that is centred on exceeding customers’ expectations. 

Franswa Snodgrass

Fran Snodgrass Snr Consultant

With over 20 years extensive experience and verifiable achievements in strategic leadership, business strategy implementation; change management; product development. I relish complex problems and enjoy solving them for our customers.

Our values

In other words, what they mean to us and what you can expect.

Trust means being reliable and supportive on key issues when they need it.

Honesty means we will always be straightforward with our customers and that includes if we have got something wrong.

Creativity means looking for solutions when many would walk away. We love complex, challenging problems; you can count on us to bring a different perspective to solving yours.

Achievement means delivering results for our customers.

Teamwork means we see you and your customers as part of our team. Whether it’s a logistical issue or something else, we will always help you in your time of need.

Support means being there for our customers, always. It might sound simple, but we consider our customers part of our family.

These values are built in to all our processes and the way we do business with our customers. We live to make your lives easier.

Customer Testimoninal

"Fantastic service. I needed some urgent confidential documents delivered to a client. Rapid Fire Logistics made this happen in a great timely matter. H Barrett Bookkeeping Services."

Hayleigh Barrett

Customer Reviews

"Excellent service, during difficult times. Definitely use them again"

John Acton

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